Chairman Sir Banner

AIMS & OBJECTIVES - Vidya Sagar Institute of Education (For Girls)


The educational system in India is passing through very pitiable conditions. It is high time to reform and improve the system. It is, therefore, desired that the training aspect of the educational system be improved i.e. the system should produce good teachers. Keeping in view the same, the college has the following aims and objectives :

a) To improve the pedagogical of the existing system of training.
b) To produce ideal teachers.
c) To acquaint the teachers with modern methodologies of teaching.
d) To acquire the knowledge of technology.
e) To acquaint the trainees with models of teaching.
f) To fill the sense of nationality in the trainees.
g) To help to acquire commitment to the teaching profession.
h) To produce teachers to create awareness among students about health education, population education and environmental education.
i) To create among trainees the feelings to develop social, aesthetic and moral values etc.