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It is true that education determines the destiny of a country. The way of thinking of that land can be made or marred by teachers. Teachers have the power to produce doctors, engineers, leaders, prime ministers & presidents. When we do any work, we get its result very soon but the result of work of a teacher can be felt at least after 16 years when his pupils becomes a functional member of the Trust. It is said that one mistake of a doctor can lead to one death but one mistake of a teacher leads to annihilation of nation. So our country needs ideal teachers who can built a civilized, cultured Trust of highest national character.

To fulfill these objectives, BHAGAT NAMDEV EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST, DHURI (PB.) has been running a VIDYA SAGAR INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION, VILLAGE DAULATPUR, DHURI in District Sangrur (Punjab) with the aims to prepare 'nation builders' through right education who will not only produce white collar aspirants, but individuals, who dare to explore new fields for their own benefits as well as for the Trust. The College provides a number of opportunities to the students to bring out the best in them and to develop in them inquisitiveness, enthusiasm and confidence. It promises to inculcate deep moral values, strong healthy habits and scientific attitude in them to develop them into successful teachers of awakened souls which will go a long way in the eradication of the social evils. When such right education will spread it will lead to chain reaction, thus peace will prevail in the world.




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